Head of School's Welcome,

  On the road to success, the rule is always to look ahead…”
    It gives me an immense sense of happiness and honor to announce that Jyoti  School is all set to commence its new session with renewed enthusiasm and commitment to impart quality 360 degree education to its extra inquisitive learners. For the new session I look forward to incorporating meaningful and modern pedagogic insights rendered by our extremely competent faculty. 
    With the changing paradigms of education which hold no space for rote learning and passive listening, we will continue to provide our students with opportunities and situations that facilitate them to exhibit their hidden potential to the fullest. I strongly believe that today’s generation has an unquenchable thirst to seek knowledge that cannot be satiated by traditional methods of teaching. Jyoti School with an infrastructure confirming to global standards and an array of opportunities to tap on individual talent is all set to edify the young learners keeping in view a synchronous growth of their body, mind and soul.
    At the outset of a new session, I would request all parents to gift their children with their “time” that by far remains the best present. I also wish to sensitize the parents to not burden the children with their own patronizing ambitions and longings. Children in all honesty want supportive hands that can assist them to identify their own latent talent and groom them to be what they wish to be. For this purpose we request you to partner with us and join hands to provide our children with effective tools of learning that help them to make their own identity rather than be predecessors of geniuses. 
I also appeal to my teachers to focus on each and every child, monitor and mentor them, appreciate their achievement and encourage them to overcome their shortcomings. 
Best wishes for a very eventful and productive academic session.



Dr. Rajnish Kumawat

Aim & Objectives
  • To develop child into an intelligent, understanding and caring human being.

  • Enable the students to become effective leaders possessing moral strength, honesty and dedication to serve the nation.

  • To develop the sense of self respect and self discipline.

  • To develop the creative talents of the students through various activities.

  • To encourage the children to take the right decision.

  •  To develop their physical coordination and skills.

    At the same time the school tries to embody such features of the English Public School which are suitable to the Indian environment  and culture.

Our History
  • 1972  Jyoti Educational Society founded by Shri G.L. Kumawat at Udaipur on Nov. 27, 1972.In this very year Jyoti Primary School started with 2 room and 20 students in a rental house at Fatehpura, Udaipur.

  • 1974    In Nov. 1974 this institute registered under the Govt. or Rajasthan society act by registration No. 163/74-75 Udaipur.

  • 1978    Jyoti Primary School Fatehpura got permanent recognition from D.E.O. Office. This year J.P.S. was upgraded as Jyoti Upper Primary School.

  • 1980    Jyoti Primary School Bhuwana was established at BHUWANA a near by village, on July 1, 1980. This institute got temporary recognition by D.E.O. in 1982 and Permanent recognition in 1988.

  • 1980    Jyoti Primary School Bedla was established at Bedla an another near by D.E.O. on June 18, 1984 and got permanent recognition on Dec. 22, 1990.

  • 1988    Jyoti Primary School Bhuwana and Bedla both were upgraded as Upper Primary Schools by temporary recognition from D.E.O. Udaipur and govt. permanent recognition in 1990.

  • 1992    Jyoti Upper Primary School, Fatehpura was upgraded as Jyoti Secondary School, Fatehpura, by Temporary Recognition from D.E.O. Udaipur, and Got Permanent Recognition from Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan, Ajmer on March 20, 1998.

  • 2002    Jyoti Upper Primary School Bhuwana was upgraded as Jyoti Secondary School, Bhuwana by Dept. of Secondary Education Govt. of Rajasthan on June 25, 2002. Similarly the Jyoti Upper Primary School, Bedla was also upgraded as Jyoti Secondary School, Bedla by Dept. of Secondary Education, Govt. of Rajasthan on July 5, 2002.

  • 2003    Jyoti Secondary School, Fatehpura was upgraded as Jyoti Senior Secondary School by Department of Secondary Education, Bikaner and Govt. of Rajasthan on July 31, 2003 

  • 2008    Enter in the New Era : This year Jyoti Educational Society enter in a new era Taking a step forward from secondary education to the higher education with starting Jyoti Teachers Training College in session 2008-2009.

  • 2009    (i)    Jyoti Teachers Training School, Ahinsapuri, Fatehpura

                    (ii)   Jyoti Public School (English Medium)

  • 2013    Jyoti Senior Secondary School, Fatehpura got affiliation of English Medium also upto 12th standard.

  • 2016    Jyoti Secondary School, Bhuwana & Bedla got affiliation of English Medium also upto 10th standard.

  • 2019    Commencement of Separate Hi-Tech Campus "Jyoti Junior's"

  • Upto Jyoti Educational Society which started with a very small unit of 2 rooms and 20 students takes a huge shape and size with 7 separate units of schooling with both the mediums (Hindi & English). More than 2500 students and more than 120 trained and experienced teacher with all the required facilities like a huge library (containing more than 12000 text and reference books and Magazine), Well Equipped physics, Chemistry, Geography, Biology and Computer Laboratories.